cause a strong force to be released or become unrestrained
the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events

"Having coaching with Andrew has been truly amazing. I knew I was doing well but there were things in my life that were stopping me from progressing. We identified them, worked on them and now I feel literally unstoppable and even got the new job I wanted as a result."
Management Accountant

Ready to become even better?

Need to be held accountable towards your goals?

Doing well but know you can achieve more?

Would you benefit from someone helping you take a good long hard look at yourself?

Hi, I’m Andrew Perkins and I set up Unleash Momentum to support people, like you, who want to get more out of life, be it business, career or socially.  I find that most people usually answer yes to all three of those questions above, whether they view themselves as successful or not,  because becoming better and achieving more is in your DNA.  If this is you then working with an Executive Coach who has many years experience developing individuals and teams whilst leading fast paced independent, corporate and international businesses will help you move forward.  Every top performing sports person, elite athlete and now most business executives have a coach.  They hold them accountable, enable them to have long hard look at themselves, help them see things that they can’t (or are choosing not to) and keep them focused on their goals.  You are wondering if coaching for yourself, your business or your team is what you need to get some momentum towards achieving your goals?  Why wouldn’t you, after all you want to achieve, don’t you?

Perhaps there is more to life than you are currently getting?  Could your business be performing better?  Are you aiming for promotion? Do you just want to remove the negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back.  Performing well or performing poorly, meeting expectations or missing targets, feeling ok or down in the dumps, wanting to go for something but being held back by limiting beliefs?  There are always times when you either need to press the reset button and reboot or stretch yourself and your team to achieve bigger and better.

Executive Coaching

Having an Executive Coach is becoming the must have to help support you with your career, business and leadership style.  We are all so good at not noticing what we could be doing better, how our behaviour can positively and negatively impact our own and our teams results and some of us turn to the excuse and blame game when things aren’t going as well as we want them to be.  Working together we will cut through that, identify things that may be limiting you, pull out your strengths and create a strategy that you will be held accountable to as we move forward.  We all have something more in us and through focused discussions and questioning we will give clarity, purpose and conviction to your goals.

Life Coaching

Need to get some clarity in your life, want to start that project you have always dreamt of or want to gain some more confidence in certain situations?  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, not knowing which way to turn and life just passes us by.  Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.  Working together we will look at the current strategies that you are using in life and work out where the changes need to be made in order to pull yourself up and out of where you are and move you forward with some momentum.  We are creatures of habit so it can be hard to see where things are not working, having a life coach is like having a mirror that will help you identify the areas that needs to be worked on, the beliefs that are holding you back and the personal accountability you need to achieve what you desire.


Its probable your team has more in them than they are giving or maybe you want to get your Board of Directors or Management team to create and focus on a common vision together?  Creating a new vision with your team, getting them all focused on the goal, setting them up to smash their targets, Unleash Momentum can either work with you on a monthly basis or create an interactive bespoke workshop that will leave you and your team energised and focused for a long time after its finished.

You should congratulate yourself for taking the first step to achieving what you have only dreamt of previously, there are millions of people out there not reading this right now, you are not one of them, you want to be even better than you currently are, not like them staying in their comfort zone.

Unleash Momentum helps you achieve exactly what it says, to move to the next level with momentum.  Whether it is individual one to one coaching using powerful techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Creating Your Future® or an individual or series of bespoke workshops for your team,  we will work with you on achieving the outcome you desire.

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