Who Am I?

With over 20 years high level business experience in hotels, hospitality and sport, Andrew Perkins has been building, developing and motivating teams and individuals to achieve extraordinary things. Turning businesses around, driving top line revenue, increasing profits, creating cultural change as well as developing individuals who have gone on to work successfully in all corners of the globe, Andrew is adept at seeing the opportunity and releasing the potential in both businesses and individuals.

Andrew has the ability to engage with groups and individuals in a light hearted and inspiring way, holding them accountable, positively enabling them to break through limitations and see that not only is there more to have, but how to get it. Whether it is goal setting, creating a vision, bringing your team together or pushing to smash your targets, Andrew has the energy, enthusiasm, tools and experience to tailor coaching, a workshop, talk or programme that you will be seeing, hearing and feeling long after its delivered.

Andrew is proof that focusing on what you want will achieve results. He was the youngest Hotel General Manager in Italy when he went to Rome to take on the leadership of one of the largest convention hotels in Europe, hosting multimillion pound international conferences. He coached and inspired the team there to add close to 5 million Euros in additional revenue. Following a successful time in Italy Andrew took on the challenge of the busiest racecourse and resort in Europe and worked his magic to transform the culture of the team and provide direction towards a common goal adding significantly to levels of service and the bottom line, culminating in putting on the fastest selling concert in the groups history.

If you want something more than just regurgitated technical models, theories and powerpoint slides and want to be inspired by someone who has actually done it then give Andrew a call and find out how he can support you personally or your team to become unstoppable and Unleash Momentum. It might be useful to know that Andrew is qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching and Creating Your Future®

Who Are You?

Its highly likely that you are somebody who is already performing well, you have risen to the top or you are certainly on your way there.  Maybe you have your own business or manage a team, perhaps you are pushing for that promotion you deserve.  You are probably the motivator, but who motivates you?  It can be lonely at the top, When you are successful, not many people (especially those in your team) will tell you the truth, give you honest unbiased advice and push you to achieve what you set out to do.  One thing will be clear, you have a desire to do more and achieve more than you are currently, after all, you want results, don’t you?

Take the first step and schedule your complimentary, no obligation chat with me to discover the power of having an Executive Coach and how it will transform both your personal and professional life.

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